Kelly Thompson’s Ten Webcomics She Loves

Kelly Thompson, writer of the “She Has No Head!” column at the Comics Should Be Good blog, gives us her list of her ten favorite webcomics. It’s a nice mixture of old standbys like Hark! A Vagrant (reviewed here) and The Abominable Charles Christopher (reviewed here) as well as a few comics I’m hearing of for the first time, like See Mike Draw and Gronk A Monster’s Story. These tend to be aimed at readers who care more about characterization and care less about video game jokes.

Thompson also has a pretty fantastic intro to lead off her article, which perfectly summarizes how all of us feel about webcomics:

I have a love/hate thing with webcomics.

On the one hand there are some damn fine cartoonists and writers putting out some damn fine comics for free and what could be better than that? On the other hand there are about a zillion webcomics out there that are really really bad and it can be frustrating to sort through them to find the gems. Having done a webcomic myself for a year (a crappy journal comic that updated daily Monday through Friday no less…daily!) I know how hard it is to put out a quality piece of work on a regular schedule for free. Okay, I don’t know anything about quality – but I DO know about the schedule stuff and the free stuff and how time consuming and absolutely unrewarding it can be – but with no disrespect intended to any hard working creators out there – I think we can all agree that not all webcomics are created equal.

One of the great things that webcomics do offer readers – certainly more than mainstream comics in many respects – is a really wide variety – everything from single panel gag strips to journal comics to superhero comics. It’s all out there, nearly anything you can imagine and most of it is free…and in this new market of $3.99 for 32 freaking pages (and really that’s only 22-pages of story) it’s kind of mind blowing to see so many truly talented people essentially giving their work away for free.


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