Webcomics Are Sexy

So what is it that webcomic creators find sexy? Sexy webcomics are all the rage, what with Lauren Davis expounding on pornographic webcomics at her site (link NSFW) and adult collectives becoming news over at Robot 6 (link perhaps SFW).

Let’s face it… sex sells. So what makes a webcomic sexy? In its continued quest for tasteful excellence, the Webcomic Overlook takes a look at a few of the most important assets that make titillation fun for people of all ages. What elements deliver the wow-wow-wee? The answers may surprise you.

Be warned, while the following is not exactly NSFW, you probably don’t want to get caught at work staring at them anyway.

1.) Big Boobs

I mean, duh. This probably tops any list. Heck, if the unavoidable and badly drawn ads for Wireheads are to be believed, they not only have to be big, they have to also be square. Unfortunately, the boobs present in the comic aren’t quite so square, a classic example of bait-and-switch advertising.

2.) Gargantuan Boobs

A lot of webcomics, including the one above, claim to depict the biggest hooters in webcomic history, but they are all wrong. That honor most likely belongs to Oopsie Doodle, which features boobs that can best be described as Godzilla-scale. Or the Six Flags Over Magic Mountain of Breasts. Our heroine, Beryl Thunderstrom, wants us to feel sorry for her on account of her boobs, but I’m having a hard time mustering any sympathy for what are clearly two watermelons stuffed down the front of her shirt.

3.) Werewolves

Members of Team Jacob know that werewolves are total hotties. But where the cheesecake for the guys? Amirite, bros? Fortunately, Peter Is The Wolf delivers on werewolves that not only have enormous sweater puppies but are also mostly naked all the time. The main page leads off to both “Family Safe” and “Adults Only” options, as if humanoid wolves drooling over cloth-covered naughty bits is suddenly the next Dora the Explorer.

4.) Sisters

And now we get to Ellen, My Absolute Hot Sister, and…


What the crap.


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  1. College co-eds in danger are pretty sexy too:

  2. Hah! I read all of the ones Lauren Davis mentioned. I’m glad she knows the good ones!

    That being said, I’m a little worried about this trend towards pornography in the webcomics community. I know it makes money, but I don’t want it to become something they get belittled for, like the furry community. I think it was Ian Jay ( who mentioned something like… ridicule about sex in the furry community actually causing MORE sexualization, which then made it turn into some kind of vicious cycle.

    Not that main stream comics aren’t over-sexed (power girl ha ha), I just wish it didn’t have to be the main selling point for webcomics too. So far there have been specific comics (like the ones lauren davis mentioned), and specific areas (eg. slipshine, started by the guy who does girly) that contain more sex. And I think this is great… it’s just when main stream comic creators like Gina Biggs start making these that I have to wonder, is she doing it because she likes sex, or is she uh… well… selling out. The low price of 4.99 tells me it’s probably the second. :/

  3. Okay, Ellen my absolute hot sister is ridiculous. WTF? Seriously? I read all 19 pages, and my thought was this… (well I had many thoughts, but anyhow) How does he not recognize or remember he has a sister? Did the Men in Black mindwipe him when he was a child and make him forget he had a sister? And did the mindwipe also involve wiping the part of his memory that says banging your sister is bad?!

    If he really wanted to do something like this, he could’ve created some pshyco thriller drama, where the guy doesn’t realize it’s his sister until they’ve… well… you know. Sort of like in that movie OLDBOY. Now that was messed up.

    But it’s obvious that he doesn’t exactly have the writing skills to accomplish something like that, since we already know that it’s his sister from page one. The sad thing is, I read a few comments and there are people clamoring for more of this stuff.

    I think I may have to start a new comic called “Ellen, my absolute hot sister, who also happens to be a lesbian, yet who I am still sexually attracted to, even though I am gay.”

    That domain name might be a pain to type though. :/

  4. As Darald says in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, “When they mix the sexuality and the violence, I like it.”
    I approve of this message.

  5. your miss one this one

    miss j have one pair biggest boobs they so far in the web coimc world
    come and see

  6. unbeliveable, that toon sex may be so tasty.

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