Lauren Davis talks about the Web Comics app

There was a lot of Twitter chatter the other day about a webcomic app for the iPhone that was put up at $1.99, then made free, and then taken down. I didn’t follow much of what happened, but Lauren Davis covers the incident over at Storming the Tower in detail, including where the app stood on legal grounds.

Again, I didn’t follow the whole thing — only running across a few tweets here and there — but from what I did see I have to agree with one of Ms. Davis’ conclusions: the webcomic community were acting like bullies. And whether Dale Zak, the developer of the app, was in the right or the wrong of things, one thing always remains true no matter what: it’s really tough to sympathize with bullies.


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  1. Acting like a bully IS one of the defining traits of the two cliques and their various hangers-on people like to refer to as “The webcomics community”.

    The problem is that their fanboys are so sycophantic that there is never going to be an epiphany where these guys step back and say, “I’m going to stop being such a complete and total cunt now.”

    Instead, they will spout some more of their demagoguery, their fans will eat it up, and things will continue on as they always do.

    I don’t consider myself part of “Webcomics” for a good reason.

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