Metapost: temporary break from hiatus

From the wrestling-themed webcomic Botched Spot. Thought it would be appropriate, what with this site’s ties to webcomics, wrestlers, and vampire people.

Still chillin’ on hiatus, but I’ll be back soon. I think I’ll start off with a full review of Bayou: it grabbed my attention while I was looking through the nominees, and I think it deserves nothing less.

Right now, I am temporarily derailed by the same thing that makes Websnark so sporadic: video games. Yes, I knew Xbox would be my downfall the day I bought it. And right now, I cannot be riveted away from the nigh fantastic space opera that is Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Don’t worry, I’m not turning this site into a half-webcomics, half-Bioware-game review site.



About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Nice to see you back, at least for a while,
    Kinda of funny because readers some times hates creators when they dont post new comics because they are playing a new game

  2. One unrelated question,

    how do you feel about sporadic update schedule in webcomics, every webcomicker tells you that you must upload a lot of comics to be succesful , but octupus pie, vg cats, desden kodak and a lot more only updates every couple of months hoe they can be succesful????

    • That’s actually a very good question to which I don’t think there’s any clearcut answer. Now, personally, I don’t mind if a webcomic updates sporadically. I usually like it when I let a webcomic build up, and I can read 20-30 new pages in one sitting. I don’t go running to, say, Order of Tales every day to see if its updated. Rather I catch up with it every two or three weeks to see where the story has gone.

      Other people may feel differently. I’m thinking it’s especially important to advertisers, who don’t want to have their ads up during a significant lull where fewer readers are frequenting the pages. Plus… sometimes the gaps between comic updates does cross that threshold of being too long.

      I’d say Dresden Codak was one of those comics, especially when Diaz was doing the “Hob” storyline. The time between pages of a long-form does build anticipation, whether that was the intent of the author or not, and if the comic page delivered after that gap fails to live up to that anticipation, it could come off as a disappointment. Having something of a more frequent update schedule, like Gunnerkrigg Court, helps to mitigate that effect a lot.

  3. Who did you decide to sex up in Mass Effect?

    Not that it’s an important question or anything…

    • Ashley Williams, yo. Though I’m torn on whether to go after Miranda or not. She’s looking fooiinnneeee…

      (By the way, I love how this game has somehow made dating sims mainstream. Think about it…)

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