The 2010 Eisner Nominations have arrived!

Comics Beat reports that the 2010 Eisner Nominations have been released. Here are your candidates for Best Digital Comic:

Based on the strength of the two nominees I’m familiar with (plus the positive word-of-mouth I’ve heard about Bayou), I’d say that this is a fairly strong list this time around. Last year, I wrote a twopart overview of the 2009 Eisner nominees. I plan on doing the same thing next month. So watch this space for my take on the nominees, plus my predictions on the winners.

Also representing webcomics: Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge (reviewed here) — which began its life as a webcomic and went on to garner critical acclaim from Wired, Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, among others — gets a nomination for “Best Graphic Album – Reprint.”

EDIT: Lauren Davis also has her own take on the Eisner nominees up at her site. Her blog, Storming the Tower, has always been great webcomics-related reading, so check it out when you can. She’s much happier about the 2010 nominees than the 2009 version (like I am). She does wonder, though, whether a long relationship in print comics impacts chances of winning.


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  1. Thanks for the list, have to check them out. I remember that I was surprised with last year’s winner – not because it was a bad comic (I don’t think it was), but I found it horribly presented (I think I blogged about it, too). Hopefully this year’s selection is better.

  2. (PS, you forgot to add the http:// in four of the links, making them unclickable.)

    • D’oh! Thanks. I’ll fix them as soon as possible.

      (EDIT: Though it seems that “The Abominable Charles Christopher” seems to still be off-line for some reason. I’m guessing that’s a glitch on the webcomics’ end.)

      (EDIT 2: Spoke too soon. It looks like it’s OK now.)

  3. Somewhat amused that we’re both in the haven’t-read-Bayou-yet boat (I really keep meaning to). I’m really looking forward to your Eisner coverage, and thanks for the link love 🙂

    • Yeah, I don’t know what it is about that comic that makes you say, “Sounds good, but I’ll pick it up later.” Maybe it’s the easy-going nature of the “Bayou” title. 🙂

    • How have I not heard of Bayou before? I thought the only good thing Zuda had was High Moon. I just went and read the whole thing to find out what it was, probably the title that did it, and it was amazing. Sort of like Alice in Wonderland but with a different twist. I mean the real Alice in Wonderland, not the idea that some people have of it.

      On a related note, what’s with zuda people not giving update information? Or do they all just update when they feel like it? sometimes I think comics should lose points just for not mentioning how often they update, makes them harder to fallow. If you only update “every so often” or “when you feel like it” then at least put that somewhere.

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