From Fleen: “webcomic” a candidate for the dictionary

Gary Tyrrell at Fleen reports that Merriam-Webster is considering whether or not the term “webcomic” should be added to the dictionary. (“Definition: a comic published primarily on the Internet.” I mean, duh.) This is an incredible development of webcomic creators everywhere, and a crushing defeat for those who hate the term with a passion.

That’s right! In your face, mpd57!

Hilariously, by the way, here’s the example of usage the Merriam-Webster guys used:


Great new idea for a webcomic: a couple of tech-savvy hipsters living in NYC. I’m gonna be rolling in t-shirt sales money! — Niko Anesti on Twitter, Apr. 4, 2010

Godspeed, you lovely T-shirt salespeople you!


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  1. That is awesome. And about time.

  2. Webcomic n. def. 1. A comic, but on the web. 2. Illustrations of 4chan jokes.”

    It writes itself!

  3. Like I give a shit 😉

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