The iPad arriveth

For some, last weekend was Easter weekend, which meant a day of reflection at church, hiding Easter eggs for the kids, and/or gorging on marshmallow peeps. For others, it was the day of the iPad.

Comics Beat reports that somewhere between 600K to 700K iPads were sold this weekend to hungry early adopters. What does this mean in terms of digital comics you ask? Well, it looks like some folks, like New York Times‘ Dave Itzkoff, are salivating over the digital library.

On Friday, Marvel Comics, the publishing home of heroes like Spider-Man and the X-Men, said it was introducing a free application for the iPad that will give readers access to a digital library of more than 500 comics from its 70-year history. The software program, Marvel Comics App, developed by the digital comics distributor comiXology, offers free access to the first issues of titles like New Avengers and The Invincible Iron Man. Other recent and vintage issues can be downloaded for $1.99 each. Marvel says it sees the app as being complementary to the experience of buying and reading physical comics, not supplanting it.

More on the Marvel app here.

Also, on the Zuda side of things, Zuda mentions that “webcomics”, as a term, has been trending quite nicely since 2007.

It seems that since October 2007, webcomics have gained greater presence in the minds of Web-surfing comic readers and appear to be on the rise for 2010.

Of course, we at Zuda knew that already. We might even like to think we helped webcomics a little bit on the above 2007-2008 bump with titles like BAYOU, HIGH MOON and THE NIGHT OWLS.

Maybe so, Zuda… but you know what also started on 2007? That’s right: the Webcomic Overlook. *air guitar* (h/t Artpatient.)


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  1. And the Luddites are already busy.

    I don’t think I want much to do with the iPad, and I can’t understand this whole Cult of Apple, really.

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