The PvP app for your iPhone is live

Technology to keep your eye on: we’re living in a rapidly changing world where desktops gave way to laptops, and those seem to be giving way to smartphones and eReaders. There are a few schools of thought on how webcomics should adapt. The first is to do nothing, since the devices will have to catch up to the parameters of online content. The second is to provide a secondary, mobile platform for the smaller devices. The second seems to be winning out, since — and you smartphone users can probably relate — reading stuff of your phone’s tiny screen can be migraine-inducing. This is worse for webcomics, by the way, since the text in the word balloons just doesn’t scale to readable levels without cropping out the art.

Scott Kurtz announced his new PvP app for the iPhone, which is downloadable free through iTunes. While app-enabled comics have been available through other channels for some time, this is the only time I’ve seen it implemented for short-form webcomics (or as Scott calls it, “dailies”). It looks like that the day’s comic strip is free for reading, while comic books (like PvP #1) is available for a $0.99 purchase.

I haven’t given the app a test run yet, but it’s sure to be easier than the regular routine of zooming and squinting.


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  1. but there is a main trouble when Pvp change format, at anyday that Kurtz does a double sized strip there will be some trouble , I hope the i pad dont make this apps obsolete

  2. I actually like the original art style of Trenches better. The newer art is over stylized for my taste, and the characters’ expressions seem way too distorted.

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