One Punch Reviews #27: Weapon Brown

A desolate post-apocalyptic world. One grim warrior with cybernetic parts patrols the lawless wasteland with only his dog Snoop by his side. He’s bald except for a small wisp of hair growing out the front. He wears a shirt with a familiar zig-zag pattern. He’s called Weapon Brown, but some people know him as Chuck … wait a minute. Are you telling me that Weapon Brown is some sort of parody?

Warning, by the way: this webcomic is for adults only, and several panels are not safe for work.

Jason Yungbluth is a contributor to Mad Magazine, and Weapon Brown (full title: Weapon Brown: Blockhead’s War) is a Mad Magazine parody taken to its extremes. It had originally been a mere feature to his Deep Fried webcomic site, but Weapon Brown proved to be so popular that, before the end of 2010, it’s going to collected as a stand-alone graphic novel. And you know what? It’s a surprisingly good parody.

The webcomic is a treat for anyone who ever remembers poring through the funny pages as a kid. Weapon Brown takes those characters, attaches cybernetic parts, and pumps their muscles with nandrolone to Liefeldian extremes. Chuck, for example, bears a stronger resemblance to Cable than the pumpkin-headed kid who always got the ball pulled away from him at the last moment. The story has a real gritty Mad Max feel to it. However, that doesn’t take away from the true fun: trying to see how many comic strip references you can pick out.

Beetle, for example, turns out to be a huge mutated insect. The people in the city of B.C. turn out to be cavemen-like zombies who putter around on one wheel. Dagwood’s into S&M. A familiar looking cat is a giant mutated slug. One of the most fun moments is when we’re introduced to the Syndicate. It’s pretty fun trying to figure out who’s in the comic strip version of the Legion of Doom.

Eventually, Chuck runs into Weapon Brown’s Justice League: a group of rebels consisting of a pop-eyed sailor man, a dreadlocked rabblerouser named Hughie X, and a saucer-eyed redhead named Ann. They do not trust Chuck, but they realize they need a man of his talents on their side. Their offer to this grizzled mercenary? A promise of a better world. For a comic that features a deathmatch between Hagar the Horrible and Dennis the Menace, Weapon Brown astonishingly understands how to effectively portray a poignant moment.

This comic loses a star, by the way, because Weapon Brown can get needlessly crass. The mailman from Blondie loosens his bowels. Crock, er, Crokk (copyrights!) is mounted on a cannon to have his guts blown out from the insides. And the entire plot pretty much revolves around Miss Buxley’s boobs … and not in a good way (link NSFW).

Still, you’ve got to hand it to Yungbluth. The comic is genuinely action packed and well illustrated. Also, despite painting the pages with the blood and guts of several comic characters, he managed to make it somewhat of a respectful tribute to the originals at the same time. In-jokes sometimes pander, but they’re also a reminder that Yungbluth is a comic reader, too.

Final Score: 4 stars (out of 5).


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  1. I clicked on an ad for this months ago and got totally sucked in. I love the art style and the story is so out of this world, especially for funny-page junkies like myself. Yeah, it does get excessively crass, but I think it’s necessary – it’s helps create that atmosphere of desolation and mankind’s ultimate fall into a new Dark Ages.

  2. Victor the Crab

    They totaly need to do an animated feature on Weapon Brown. I think Clancy Brown would provide a good voice for Chuck (and not because they share the same last name).

  3. I dunno , the crassnes is so hilariously extreme that i can´t find it offensive. It keeps getting better as the plot thickens. 🙂

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