Webcomic creators say “Meh” to the iPad

So what’s the word on the street on the new iPad? What, didn’t you read the title to this blog post?

Kate Beaton, Jeffrey Rowland, Randall Munroe, Ryan North, and Chris Onstad give their initial impressions on this interview at Comics Alliance.

The much ballyhooed announcement of the Apple tablet finally arrived this Wednesday, along with the slightly unfortunate name “iPad” and details on what will essentially be a giant iPhone, but with no phone. There’s been a lot of speculation about what this will mean for the digital distribution of comics, much of which was rounded up at CBR and later at Newsarama, while Rich Johnston trumpeted iPads as our “new overlords” and Comixology almost immediately envisioned their own iPad app.

But if the iPad is going to revolutionize the way we read comics — and that’s still an “if” — what will it mean for webcomics, which have been native in the digital world since day one? We asked some of the biggest creators in webcomics for their thoughts.

Randall Munroe, the creator of “xkcd,” replied that “while it’s a nice device — I’ve been frustrated by the lack of ultraportable computers which aren’t just underpowered netbooks — I don’t think it will have any more impact on webcomics than the iPhone did.”

So… yeah. They say, “Meh.”


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  1. I was more excited about the ibook store or book store or whatever they’re calling it…the backend from whence you can buy books.

    Will this make it easier for webcomic creators to publish their works? Will this mean an end to imbeciles like myself staring at guides to write iphone apps?!

    Could be, could well be…

  2. People seem to want it to be a real computer, something between a laptop and a netbook. But that’s not it’s purpose at all – it’s main purpose is to be an e-reader. Apple is trying to stomp the Kindle, and it’s ilk, into the ground by making it more than an e-book but not replace your Iphone or Macbook. (See how they are not competing with themselves?)

    I’m still suspicious about the iBook store. The iTunes software will let you add non-iTunes Store product to your library. But will the iPad? Are you stuck going through the Apple app store like the iPhone? Just because the iPad reads open formats doesn’t mean your source for them won’t be restricted. This is what I’m waiting to hear.

    I’m starting to approach e-publisers about getting Abandon into the different formats and I’m learning just how much of a mess that is. Each reader/format is a little different, Kindle, Android, Sony, Nook, iPhone/iPad. etc. Geh.

    I’m not interested in buying an iPad, but I do want to publish on it.

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