Metapost: Happy Martin Luther King Day, and please remember our brothers and sisters in Haiti

Just wishing all my American readers a Happy Martin Luther King Day.

In the spirit of universal brotherhood, remember to pray for the poor people in Haiti. It kills me inside whenever the latest estimated toll is released, and it saddens me to imagine all the suffering going on there.

Starthrower in Haiti
, the webcomic created to raise money to educate Haitian students, has this to say on their site:

As you know, on January 12, there was a major earthquake in Haiti…my heart is breaking…so much suffering and destruction.

With the devastation caused by the earthquake, the Starthrower Foundation’s resources will be stretched to the limit in meeting their commitment to the needs of the young adults they serve and their families.

The latest updates from the Starthrower Foundation can be found here.

All funds raised by my fundraiser will continue to be directed towards the Foundation’s educational programs ensuring their continuation in both the short term and in the long term.

Should you prefer your donation to go directly to earthquake relief so that the Starthrower Foundation can help as many people as possible in rebuilding their lives, please donate here.

Sharon Gaskell, founder of the Starthrower Foundation was on the CBC radio January 15th, here’s a link to the page where you’ll find the podcast called “Waiting for words from Haiti”…she’s the second guess on the show, about 2 minutes in.


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