Metapost: Interesting observation from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Back from the break!

And apparently, when the cat’s away, the mice come out and play. Over the break, it’s been crazy on this blog. The “Top Ten Best Webcomics of the Decade” article got linked on Fark. As a result, the post count has been up 8x more than usual. So a hearty hello to all you Fark visitors. Feel free to comment on this site as much as you like! Go ahead and tell me why you think my list is dead wrong and what the real Top Ten Webcomics really are. The list was meant to spark discussion, and it looks like everyone’s getting in the spirit.

Now, an interesting observation I would’ve made last Thursday if I hadn’t been spending 3 days entertaining family. I noticed that when the Spider-Man balloon, one of the first balloons out of the gate, arrived in front of Macy’s, the Today Show team made a comment that he was the star of comic books and, also, “digital comics.”

My wife, who doesn’t really follow this blog, was a little confused by the term. I had to explain a little on how comics were transitioning to the digital medium. She lost interest pretty quickly because … well, who wants to hear a nerd prattle on about digital comics?

Not me!

But it was a interesting moment that made me realize something: webcomics, digital comics, digital graphic novels, etc. are on the cusp of going mainstream.

Also, that Sesame Street float with the original cast (Maria, Luis, Gordon, and Bob) was pretty boss.


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