Nominations for 2009 Weblog Awards now open!


The 2009 Weblog Awards are now open, and you can submit your nomination on their comment threads, including … best comic strip!

Nominate your favorite webcomic here!

Randall Monroe’s xkcd is the current champ, winning the award in 2008 and 2007. Will 2009 be the year of the three-peat? Or can your favorite webcomic be the new star for 2009? Nominations are open until November 20. The path to Weblog Award winner begins … now!

(Also, I tooted my own horn for “Best Hidden Gem.” Because.)


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. I voted for you in the hidden gem category. Be a pal and vote for me in the Asian blog and Photo blog categories.

    Or don’t. I won’t die if I fail to win.

    Or will I..?!

  2. Ah, the Weblog Awards. They’re sort of notorious for their conservatism, and always nominate the same safe, popular choices (the same blog — conservative, needless to say — won the Canadian category from 2004 to 2007, and in 2008, the blogger won in the general “conservative blog” category). One of its largest controversies was when a blog denying climate change was declared a co-winner in the science category.

    So chances are xkcd will win again, unless a conservative webcomic emerges (come to think of it, is there a notable conservative webcomic?).

    • Wouldn’t that be more up to the voters to determine if the award is conservative or liberal, though? I mean, granted Andrew Sullivan won the Best Blog category, but it’s not like The Daily Kos — which won the Best Blog Award in 2006, by the way — and the Huffington Post were disqualified from competing (both appeared on the voting ballot). 2008 also was the year that The Comics Curmudgeon — who makes it quite apparent on his blog that he’s not a conservative — won the Best Humor Blog, beating out several conservative leaning sites. Other winners, like Wil Wheaton and Wonkette (granted, for the Best Liberal Blog award) aren’t conservative.

      I mean, you could make a good argument that the conservative blogs do a good job of whipping their constituencies into voting, but I hardly think you could blame the Weblog Awards itself as they offer choices all across the political spectrum.

    • Maybe the problem isn’t the awards, but the possibility that only conservatives bother to vote?

      Evil as they can be, at least the right knows how to get motivated and get organized.

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