Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

TV respects me. It laughs with me… not at me!

Despite Liam Lynch’s claims to the contrary, internet has not killed the video star. Not yet, anyway. Like most of America, I’ve spent the whole week watching the premieres of the new TV season. Frankly, I was getting fatigued after Criminal Minds last night, but I will persevere! Especially since Community and Parks & Recreation are on tonight. Oh, yeah, also new Smallville, where I’ll be kneeling before Zod.

So, to celebrate the 2009 Fall TV Season, here are a few of my favorite TV-related webcomics released over the years.

PHD Comics does the Real Life/Reel Life thing a la MST3K:


Brand Okay did one of the many House-related gags out there, and, in my opinion, the most memorable:


Finally, Bigger Than Cheeses was one of the first webcomics to popularize the David Caruso meme:


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