Daily Archives: September 21, 2009

Allison’s got a case of Bad Machinery

As Scary Go Round ends, a new era begins. An era … of Bad Machinery. It looks so far to be a continuation of John Allison’s prep school stuff from his SGR days. Of course, given the leaps and bounds that SGR itself went through since its inception, who knows where Bad Machinery is going to end up.


Soooo… what do you think the odds are that Shelley Winters is going to show up before a year is over?

In other news of the week, Oglaf (NSFW) has been down for the better part of a week. I understand it’s Questionable Content‘s fault. Yessirree a link from good ol’ Jeph Jacques has disabled one of the best X-rated webcomics out there. I guess I could make a bad joke on Questionable Content wiping out something else with questionable content, but I won’t.

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