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Quick news post: You’ve got your Sin Titulo in my Batman & Robin

Cameron Stewart — whose webcomic, Sin Titulo, was reviewed here — is apparently the next artist, after Phillip Tan’s run, for the highly acclaimed Batman & Robin series, as reported by The Beat. Now, I do like Mr. Stewart’s art. However, he’s got some BIG shoes to fill.

The artist of the just completed arc, Frank Quitely, is an absolute powerhouse when paired with Grant Morrison. Every collaboration has been memorable: All Star Superman, the New X-Men, WE3…. Stewart has worked with Morrison before on Seaguy, but it’s hard not to shake the feeling that this is a step down. The iFanboy guys in their latest podcasts are already lamenting the departure of Quitely and are patiently counting the days when he returns in the last story arc.

Still, don’t write off Mr. Stewart. His art is moody, atmospheric, and gritty … a perfect fit for the world of Gotham. When I read Sin Titulo, half the story telling was in the panel layouts, which gave me sense of claustrophobia, paranoia, and general unease. If he’d been paired with Morrison from the beginning, I imagine Batman & Robin would still have debuted to the acclaim that the series has today.

I personally will still be collecting the comic. They’re the first single issues I’ve picked up in a long time (as opposed to waiting for the trades), and I plan to continue when Stewart’s on board. Best luck to him!

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