Wherever there’s trouble, Joy of Webcomics is there

joyofwebcomicsIt’s GI Joe Week!

This means that plenty of angst from critics about being shunned, speculation over whether or not Paramount was gaming Rotten Tomatoes, and general handwringing over the transformation of “A Real American Hero” to a bunch of international grunts. (I liked the movie, personally. Rossman nailed it when he said it was basically a Saturday Morning Cartoon come to life.) A few webcomic creators also weigh in:

  • PvP is driven mad by the over-use of the word “Joe,” but not too upset over the visually appealing Sienna Miller.
  • Hi-Jinks Ensue runs a gag about too many explosions … which, let’s face it, could’ve been used for any summer action movie, but did echo something I said coming out of the theater.
  • Interestingly, Shortpacked!, provider of Joe-related content for years, has been quiet on the movie. The world isn’t right when there’s no GI Joe movie commentary in the Shortpacked! comic. So, anyway, let’s revisit this classic.
  • And, just for fun, here’s an animated music video Dr. Smoov did two years back with Serpentor rapping the Busta Rhymes classic “Whoo-Hah!! (Got ya all in check)”. I figure I’d set myself apart from all those other guys just discovering those Fenslerfilms.

So… not many webcomics about the GI Joe movie. Way to go, Paramount marketing guys. So now, let’s move on to other webcomic news of interest:

  • Lemuel Pew talks about webcomics and mobile applications at
  • A while ago, Morgan Wick put together a two-part essay on Scott McCloud’s Reinventing Comics. Here’s Part One and Two.
  • Olaf Solstrand, meanwhile, has made his masters thesis about webcomics available online (in Norweigan, though… sorry, Anglophones!). He’s begun translating piece in English, though. In one segment that he made available in the linked blog post, he speculates on the nature of digital documentation.
  • Comics Worth Reading comments on two of their webcomic faves: Sinfest and Comic Critics!
  • Just when you thought you got out, they pull you back in! Dark Horse Presents returns to My Space. Here’s a few excerpts from the announcement on Comic Book Resources:

    “We’ve been working on this ever since the cutbacks at MySpace caused the gap,” Dark Horse editor Scott Allie told CBR of the move back to MySpace. “The goal all along has been to get MDHP back up on MySpace in the same place that it’s always been because we feel that, even with the changes at MySpace, the project is still something that we’re very, very proud of. There’s still a tremendous amount of traffic despite the cutbacks, and we feel like it’s still a great opportunity for us. We didn’t want to let this sudden economic problem kill something we’d been involved with for a while.”

    Going forward, Dark Horse intends to use MDHP as a platform from which to launch new series and other initiatives. “With a lot of them, you’ll get your first story for free on MySpace, just to get a taste,” Allie said. “What we generally try to do is have a totally self-contained thing on there, showing you the creative team” and what you can expect from the subsequent print book.

  • The staff of Cracked has joined us on the Dark Side and put together their own worst webcomics list. Way to jump on the bandwagon late, guys. We were all over this, like, two years ago. OK… maybe I’m just a little bitter that they put together a Most Badass Presidents list to great fame and infamy sometime after I got my own licks. Oh, what could’ve been. I might be rating US Presidents this day if it weren’t for that little setback. Anyway, they’re actually pretty original with their selections… not the same terrible webcomics that everyone’s been hatin’. Check out the 5 Circle of Webcomics Hell.

Do you know who should’ve played the Baroness? Aishwarya Rai. Deep down inside, you know this is true.

UPDATE: Whoops! I’d meant to add this to the post earlier, but to be honest, I just plum forgot. Nancy White e-mailed me a link to the site on the 20 Funniest Webcomics! Naturally, I don’t agree with everything on the list … different things strike different people funny. (Like Ebert says, greatest lists are propoganda … though the best propoganda suggests at what you should be looking at and what you should be giving another look.) It’s always nice to see what kind of webcomics other people embrace. Though I do have one quibble: FreakAngels on a funny webcomics list? Really?


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