One Punch Reviews #23: Fatawesome


Earlier this week, I credited for jumpstarting the readership of the very excellent Daisy Owl. Now comes the yang to that ying. That magazine is not quite the greatest arbiter of good taste. Eventhough I’m almost certain that its readership is composed of 90% nerds, the humor can best be described as “fratboyish.” Which, in a sense, means that Fatawesome, a recent recepient of’s seal of approval, is a better representative of everything that Cracked stands for.

But what does that mean, exactly? Cracked is actually pretty good from time to time — the internet equivalent of junk food. Is Fatawesome the Angus burger and fries of webcomics?


Fatawesome is primarily a “sketch comedy group,” and they release videos of their “comedy acts” on their “site.” I clicked on the first video, a little skit called “Fight Like Jackie Chan,” and I gotta say: guys, getting an engineering degree is still an option. I’m not sure there’s that big a demand for high school pep-rally skits.

Now, on to the comic itself. I won’t lie to you: some strips can inspire a little chuckle. I thought the best was a riff on the infamous Superman catchphrase, which I’m pretty sure has been done before but hadn’t looked quite as goofy. But there are only about four or five good ones. Everything else? Unilaterally awful.

Most of the gags are jokes that I imagine even Friedberg and Seltzer would find too stupid to put in their “[fill in the blank] Movie” cinema series. For example, there’s one comic where a kid is putting leaves in a plastic bag. He sees a hole in the bag. Can you guess what happens next? If you guessed “drop trow and mount the bag like a horny teenager”, you win a LIFETIME OF SHAME! Yes, Fatawesome is the sort of comic where simply implying male genitalia is COMEDY GOLD.

Outside of the juvenile humor that even a preteen would probably roll their eyes, at, there’s the strips that come off as bad Far Side jokes and bad Perry Bible Fellowship jokes. In other words, Fatawesome represents the low water point of comedic creativity. I posted a comic from Drew’s Toothpaste for Dinner where he implies how webcomic writers just rip jokes off The Simpsons, and it’s never rung more true than it does now. Yet Fatawesome manages to set the bar even lower with its bloody awful art. Seriously, the comic would’ve been less embarrassing if the artist had used one of those automatic webcomic generators that makes everyone look like background characters from South Park.

There are several people in this world that are both fat and awesome: Santa Claus, Bobaloo from I Survived a Japanese Game Show, chef Mario Batali, Dom DeLuise, and King Hippo to name a few. The Fatawesome crew owes all these magnificent people a supersized apology for sullying their reputations.

Rating: 1 star (out of 5).


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. You know if you read through them slowly your brain gets stoopider and the gags become ‘more funnier’TM until they are hilarious and then you fall off your chair and hurt yourself – OK maybe not exactly like that! I’m still laughing about one of them – but that’s my dirty secret FOREVER!

  2. “Cracked IS actually pretty good from time to time, like it WAS the internet equivalent of junk food.”

    “I won’t like to you”

    Nice article, here is some spellins to fix. You know, if you’re going to do 1-star reviews and mock the creators, you may as well make it as mean as possible. If you want my expert advice, webcomic reviews are one place where you get more flies with vinegar than with honey. You’re going to attract a lot more attention once you start really savaging these shits.

    • Thanks for catching my errors. I’m going to have to hire me an editor some day. 🙂

      Interestingly, Ramon Perez told me pretty much the same thing when I did a review of “Raven’s Dojo”: I’m not being mean enough. I totally agree with you that in the case of webcomics, more people read the savagings. (The phrase should really be modified to read: “You attract more flies with death-dealing bug zappers than with honey.”)

      Unfortunately, I’m just not that good at it. My disposition is just too cheerful. I wish I could call the Fatawesome guys a total drain on society and clue number one of humanity’s devolution into booger-eating primates, but part of me still respects the guys for their hard work… even if all their hard work ended up being crap.

      • I don’t think you need to be meaner, for whatever it’s worth. Frankly, I’ve been concerned about the number of 1 or 2 star reviews you’ve had recently (although it is probably just a coincidence).

        • But… I just gave Daisy Owl a 5! What more do you want?!?!?!

          *breaks down, babbling*

          There’s actually a decently-rated comic review coming up, hopefully by next week. I’m sure most of the readers on this site are familiar with the title … but heck, I decided to review it anyways.

          • I don’t mean that all of your recent reviews have been poorly-rated, but if I’m not mistaken it’s been a higher percentage recently. In the current “cluster” on the review index, you have two five-stars, one four-star, one three-star, and the rest are one- and two-stars. Compare that to the previous cluster, with three five-stars, three four-stars, and nothing lower than a two. This isn’t really a complaint, mind you, more of an observation.

            One thing I like about your site is that you have such a good mix of positive and negative reviews. Your Webcomic is Bad is entertaining, in a way, but I much prefer a site which says good things about comics as well. Similarly I have no patience for a site which constantly heaps praise on people whether they deserve it or not.

            You, sir, seem to have hit the happy medium.

      • As I’ve stated before, you employ a method of criticism that is stunning in its politeness and passiveness, yet retains complete professional honesty and expertise, even when giving a one-star review. And to be honest, overly-negative reviews have a tendency to be scattershot, hurting some in the process who weren’t even direct or deserving targets, even though many types of more negative than positive reviews/reviewers are still enjoyable to read/watch. Consider yourself a breath of fresh air to the webcomic reviewer community, El Santo, and let me assure you that you’ve got my support just the way you are.

  3. Don’t listen to the filthy moderates. This here internet is no place for being nice. Anyways, if it helps, I don’t think your 1- and 2-star reviews are particularly “nice” anyways; you’re mean, just not quite mean enough for my tastes.

    Anyways, keep on truckin’

  4. I’ve got to agree with the poster on the mean thing. Critics like you used to make the emo me of 15 years old cry, but I kinda had a crush on one who fell for the “nice girl” and he enlightened me with his wiley ways. Guess after that I became the one who couldn’t get enough of criticism and making snide remarks and he became more “fluffy” and caring. Sounds like an awful plotline for some webcomic out there already doesn’t it?

    But we need critics because we can’t LIVE in a world that’s filled with happy, flowery, sunny, positive crap. (or at least I don’t want to life in one) We need drama. We need angst, and we need someone to yell and scream at when we find out they write something that is absolutely 100% honest and true but it’s BAD. We need the antihero and that is why we cannot live without webcomic critics. Without you stupid people would grow enough confidence to rule the world with their legion of fans.

    ….wow. That last thought is actually kind of scary.

    Ok that comment aside the truth is, you say what we chicken poops can’t say because we aren’t brave enough or in the position to tell others what we feel without risking our image. You face the loons out there who will never, and I mean never be able to take anything short of a glowing review.

    For that I hope you keep up with your writing. It sucks when people do feel hurt and I’m sure you do introvert on that note. But at the end of the day when you tell it like it is people learn. If they don’t I do because writing a good story takes a lot of time.

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