The Joy of Webcomics, brand new lucha-labeled edition

joyofwebcomicsIt’s been a downer of a week, especially if you’ve had your emotional core invested in celebrities. How to cheer up? Well, you could check your brain at the door and watch Transformers 2 (which I haven’t seen yet and which all the critics hate but which I am willing to defy the odds since I’m a puppet of Hasbro), or you can find your joy in the world of webcomics:

  • This week, Toothpaste for Dinner provided a fairly concise assessment about most of the “webcomic industry.”
  • Incidentally, if you enjoyed the new Dick Grayson Batman and Damian Wayne Robin in the new and highly acclaimed Batman & Robin #1, you might also enjoy Dave Willis’ 3-part Batman tale in Shortpacked!
  • Man, now’s your chance to hang with your cool literary friends because Ulysses Seen brings that infamous James Joyce novel (Ulysses) to life! Clearly it looks a lot like Watchmen. And… it’s as dry as everyone claims it is. Each page, when clicked on, provides a nice literary analysis of the work that has become synonymous with “stuff piece of literature that people who wear monocles read.” Hey, whatever makes AP English summer reading easier. Anyway, here’s to hoping it goes further than that 1984 comic, which got as far as Chapter Two.
  • Alexds1 of The Meek was nice enough to link to my site (“It has some pretty kickass webcomic reviews!”), so I’m returning the favor. I’ve been reading The Meek for a month now. I gotta say it’s one of the prettiest webcomics out there. It’s got mystery. It’s got danger. It’s also got a giant mudpuppy. I highly recommend it. And at only 38 pages in, right now is an pretty good jumping point. I’ll probably end up reviewing it after Chapter One wraps up, and needless to say it probably won’t get that 1-star rating that Alexds1 so desperately loves to consume. (NOTE: more than half of the comic right now features a very naked girl with very naked breasts. Not necessarily safe for work.)
  • Ping Teo of Lonely Panel checks out Luke’s URL (or Luke Surl), which she says doesn’t have the nicest art in the world but has writing that tends to grow on ya.
  • Grim Tales (reviewed here) has ended, apparently. I am SO heart-broken. Though reader Quijotesca tells me that Bleedman’s threatening a sequel. Um… hooray!
  • There’s a SMBC Theater now? Zack Wiener from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (reviewed here) tries out sketch comedy. Can’t say the trailer inspires me much, but best of luck regardless.
  • Well, since we’re all talking about Michael Jackson anyway, I feel obligated to point you to Heidi MacDonald’s news round-up of MJ and comics. Of particular interest is the picture she’s showing in the post: a Disney Adventures cover with MJ and Pinocchio (Ms. MacDonald being the editor of comics on that mag). There’s also a link to a somewhat subtle comic tribute done by Jame Kochalka of American Elf. Ms. MacDonald’s final assessment:

    In the end, the man lived a sad, sick life, but it’s the music that will live on forever and ever. Cliched but so true.

  • Not at all webcomic related, but some of these outdoor ads (care of are too hilarious and too awesome not share. Especially the Spider-Man urinal.

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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Found you through The Meek and just spent like 5 hours ravaging your archives.

    Fave moment of the night:

    Reading Sister Clair’s review and cracking up several times over the next hour about the ‘babby’ line. Ahhh that was golden.

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