Random Quickies: Oglaf


This strip is from the webcomic Oglaf, which I probably won’t ever be reviewing here. It’s, how shall we say, NOT VERY SAFE FOR WORK. AT ALL. The above is one of the few clean ones.


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Why do you bother with this “NSFW” kid-friendly attitude? No-one stumbles across a webcomic and says HEY THIS IS INAPPROPRIATE I AM GOING TO WRITE A LETTER OF PROTEST TO THE INTERNET

    Anyways I like the site and I enjoy most of your reviews, but I’m just sayin’. There’s no need to censor yourself.

  2. Given that NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work, I think clicking on the link to “Oglaf” is very appropriate. Especially if you don’t want to be caught at work staring at a picture of a woman pleasuring herself.

  3. Heh, fair enough. I just mean the overall tone of the site seems very PG 13, but… I don’t think there’s any reason to censor yourself, is all.

    If I seemed a bit shrill in my first post, my bad! Oglaf is great BTW, thanks for pointing it out.

  4. The Fountain of Doubt was clean and funny too – just sayin’!

  5. I’m getting kind of a Princess-Planet’s-evil-twin vibe off this one.

    I really like that “Fountain of Doubt” comic too. Great comic timing there.

  6. There’s literally nothing to this review. No praise, no condemnation, nothing.

  7. tracybradycartoons

    I thought it was a well put factoid. Good Job Santo

  8. Some online research, via Reddit, reveals that this comic is the work of Trudy Cooper, artist of the awesome and long-running webcomic “Platinum Grit!” I automatically liked Oglaf, and, being a big P.G. fan, now i know why.

  9. I want to read it but it’s blocked from most of the APs I can use as porn content. WTF?!? Webcomics are porn? Damn PC proxy servers.

  10. While it’s true that Oglaf is very NSFW, I would like to note that the comic creator does mention that it was initially a failed attempt at pornography, and just kind of fell apart into humor.

    I think you could have noted at least a few other strong points for the comic, such as the diverse facial expressions, simple but very readable artwork (with strong color schemes!)and it’s fairly consistent sense of humor. It even has something of an undeveloped story, even if it’s very dispersed between one-hitters.

  11. Reminds me of the classic Hustler cartoonists, the artwork is so appealing that it can get away with the naughty sexual content 🙂

    • I just recently found out that Trudy Cooper (who’s the artist behind Oglaf” is also the person behind Platinum Grit. It makes we want to go check out the entire series, which seems to all be available over at the Shadowline comics site.

  12. Is there a list online of all the clean ones? I love the humor and the art style, but I just hate how it’s unnecessarily crass as much as possible.

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