The Webcomic Overlook Presents The Most Awesomely Bad Webcomic Titles


I recently did a post on a comic whose title was, shall we say, off-putting. That got me to wondering: what ARE the most awesomely bad webcomic titles of all time?

I was further inspired by one of my favorite sites, The AV Club, which annually publishes a list of the worst band names they’d encountered that year. Most are horribly obscure outfits that probably won’t be playing 30 miles from their hometown. When you think about it, what are webcomics but the obscure indie bands of the comics scene?

So, on a whim, I decided to scour The Webcomic List to see what I could find… and believe me, there are quite a few gems. Now, to establish the ground rules: the comic in question has to be “alive,” that is its site’s archives are still accessible. Also, to keep this at least a little current, the comic has to be updated by at least 2008. (Sadly, there are a lot of great titles not making this list due to these two restrictions alone.)

Finally, this is an “Awesomely Bad” list. Operative word, “Awesomely.” That means the title made me at least smirk. It’s not a true “Worst Titles” list. In my opinion, the TRUE worst titles would be the ones that are so bland you wouldn’t even be tempted to click on the link. So why not compile a list of that, you ask? Because no one wants to read a list of bland comic titles.

This list, by the way, doesn’t reflect my opinions of the comic’s actual contents. One has gotten five stars in my reviews. Another is an Eisner Award nominee. Nope, this is all about the titles, baby.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Webcomic Titles that Are Literally S***

  • The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo – In the comment section of my review, Dwight MacPherson explains, “I wrote the book to encourage my children to read the classics. When my 7 year-old said ‘Edgar Allan Poo’ and the other two heartily chanted the title in response, I realized that perhaps creating a fun play on Poe’s name could further encourage them–and other children–to read the book. Fact: it has. My children have each read the graphic novel several times and moved on to books by Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, H.G. Wells, Jules Vernes, C.S. Lewis and others. Also, according to several parents I’ve spoken with (at conventions, though e-mail, Myspace, etc.) it had the same effect on their children.” Truly a noble cause, friend … but not noble enough to avoid making this list. 😉
  • Poop Toast! – Out of any title on this list, this one churns my stomach the most.

Not S***, but Still Pretty Gross

Kinda Gross; Also, Kinda Racist

Bart Simpson Memorial “Redundancy is my job” Award

It’s Not What You Think It’s About

It’s Exactly What You Think It’s About

  • The Happy Penis – I probably should point out that it’s Not Safe For Work. I was wondering if it should belong in an above category, but putting “happy” in the title was just too heart-warming. Writer is also responsible for runner-up comic with the not-quite-so-terrible title, The Naked Elf
  • Darkwing Beyond – I laughed when I pulled up this comic. “Heh,” I said, “is this Darkwing Duck set in future times, like Batman: Beyond?” Sadly, it is what I thought it was. Also, a pixel comic.

Awkward Portmanteaus

  • Canadiana (pictured in header) – You know, this is almost one of those B-Flats type titles: the ones that sound ridiculous at first but get less silly over time. EXCEPT that this comic is a traditional superhero comic, not a parody like Wonderella. Let me just say this: I doubt that Canada’s greatest superhero, Wolverine, would’ve won over so many hearts if he was running around calling himself CanaDave.
  • Palindramas – I am both horrified and charmed by this comic, which attempts to illustrate really weird palindromes.
  • Nonglish – I can only think of Jon Goodman’s comment on the Speed Racer movie about “nonjas.” What, no one saw that movie? Never mind.
  • TechAsy – Technology and Fantasy – Probably would’ve sounded better as “Fantology.” Wait … no.
  • The Pandacracy


Enough With the Leetspeak

  • f8d – a couple bonus points for sounding both “leet” and deep.
  • 1337 Brothers
  • Lif3
  • Papa Pwns Noobs
  • Roxxor University – To be honest, by the time I got to the “r”‘s, I was pretty much done with trying to find Leetspeek titles. There are just way too many of them. I’m stopping here. Well, except for …

The Special Award for Tortured Use if Leetspeak That’s So Unexpected It Managed To Melt My Heart of Ice

  • n0013h-w3d5 – Unwieldy as hell, but its brilliance cannot be denied.

Makes Me Think of Ordering the Orange Chicken

  • Panda Xpress! – Nominated for the Eisner Award, picked up by the Silverline affiliate of Image Comics, and boasts some lovely art. Still… the title reeks of mall food court.

I Know the “Z” Is Ironic, It Still Doesn’t Make the Title Any Good

  • Lab Bratz – Sadly, NOT about Bratz dolls with Ph.D.’s.
  • The Slackerz
  • Reporterz: Da Comic! – Do they report on Da Bears?
  • Napkinz – Perhaps the most creative use on this list. It’s about employees in the food-service industry…. I’m sorry, I meant employeez in the food-zervice induztry. (Did I do that right?)
  • The Compozerz

There’s Probably a Reason, But This Comic Always Looks Like It’s Spelled Wrong

Preciousness Meets Insanity

What Was the Name of That Comic Again?

I Dare Anyone to Devote Enough Braincells to Memorize the Full Title of This Webcomic, the King (Queen?) of All Webcomic Titles Because This Is What Happens in This Kinda Place


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. This post has a well chosen title! Great stuff. I was very curious to see what comics made the cut.

  2. On behalf of the writers of Exploding Fetus. I, Captain p0wnz0r would like to formally thank you for adding us to this list..I am so very proud.

  3. Oh, great, now you’re encouraging them!

  4. Yes… my top secret plan of swamping the internet with bad webcomic titles is soon coming to fruition…..

  5. YES!!! I get my own section!

  6. The name ‘f8d’ came from trying to get a three letter ‘.org’ and finding that all the remaining ones have numbers in them. So I went through the whole list looking for the best-sounding one. I had no idea at the time that it would become a comic…

    There, a little bit of web history 😉

  7. As the creator of Poop Toast! I thank you!

  8. Love this post. Haven’t laughed this hard for a while.

  9. It’s not the worst thing that’s been said about my art.

    Thanks for noticing it exists… I won’t ask how you found it… XD XD XD Because I have a feeling I know…

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