Another peaceful transition

  • Today, I’m still celebrating the glorious aftermath of another peaceful transition. A glorious day where even those who tolerate how things were done in the previous years greet the new day with a tentative optimism and a full measure of devotion. Time will tell if it will be a success or a dud, but one thing is for certain: nothing will be the same again.

    I am talking, of course, about the change from Starslip Crisis to just Starslip.

    Over at, creator Kris Straub posted a great entry regarding his thought process on how he rebranded his comic. It covers everything from making the comic better for entry-level readers to character redesign to the joy of logo development. It’s required reading for everyone, especially those who believe they’ve written themselves into a corner.

    Go ahead, embrace change.

  • Also, I’d like to forward this press release sent to me by Larry Latham:


    The first pages of ‘Lovecraft is Missing, Book 2’ go up Wednesday,
    January 14, at The webcomic, written and
    illustrated by Larry Latham, weaves together events and characters
    from the life and fiction of H.P. Lovecraft with an original story
    that produces its own special take on pulp adventure.

    But it’s not your standard Mythos wannabe: there is no such place as
    Arkham, cultists are not Conan clones, and every third person does
    NOT have a copy of the Necronomicon in their hip pocket. There are
    enough surprising twists and turns to keep even the most ardent
    Lovecraft fans guessing.

    New pages are posted every Wednesday. The complete series will
    consist of six issues. Book 1: Innumerable Instances of a Vague
    Nature, began Oct.1, 2008, and is now available in the archives at

    Larry Latham is a long-time animation veteran and pulp fan. “Lovecraft
    is Missing” is his comic book debut.

    I flipped through the first few pages, and the art is quite attractive. Plus, stuff about H.P. Lovecraft? Nifty!


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