Webcomic Team-Up of the Gods


So… Keepspot just issued a press release (gleaned here via Comixtalk) that Bobby Crosby and Sarah Ellerton are teaming up on a new project called Dreamless.

Apple Valley, CA, January 11, 2009 – Illustrator Sarah Ellerton (Inverloch, The Phoenix Requiem) has teamed with writer Bobby Crosby (Marry Me, +EV, Last Blood) to launch Dreamless (, a new weekly comic on the Keenspot webcomics network. The high-concept plot has yet to be revealed, but it has been described as “a fantastical romantic tragedy like you have never seen before.”

Said Crosby, “When I put out a call for artists, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from [Ellerton]. This seemed like the perfect project for Sarah and I want to thank her for the incredible job she’s doing.”

“I’m really excited about this collaboration with Bobby Crosby for Dreamless,” said Ellerton. “I’ve never worked with a writer before, so it will certainly be a new and hopefully enjoyable learning experience for me. Illustrating for this project will push me creatively and issue me with artistic challenges that I may not have had the courage to do in my own projects. Bobby has written entertaining and unique stories in the past, and I’m confident Dreamless will be no different.”

Now this site hasn’t been kind to Bobby (Marry Me reviewed here, Last Blood reviewed here), but I’m always in awe how the guy manages to attract decent artists (Remy Mokhtar and Owen Gieni, respectively). And now, Sarah Ellerton of Phoenix Requiem (reveiwed here on Comixtalk)? A 2008 WCCA Finalist for Outstanding Artist?



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