The accolades come in!

Well, after doing the interview on Comic Dish, it looks like the feedback is coming in! Ah, finally El Santo’s day has come. First up is Drowemos Eseotevahi of Exiern. You may recognize his creation as one of the center squares in the above banner for The Webcomic Overlook. (It’s the buxom lady with the ripped up dress.) It led him to this post and prompted him to write this e-mail:

So I heard you on the Dish today and a jumped over to your site to take a look. And low and behold up in the banner was an Exiern image. “Oh sweet,” I said “perhaps he’s done a review of Exiern”. Well a quick search revealed that no, no you haven’t. There was a reference to Exiern as the worst example of advertising. Then you simply pointed to YWIBAYSFB and said you agreed with every thing they said.


I mean, wow.

Did I set your dog on fire at some point or something?

Anyway, there is one fact I would like to correct. I don’t make any money off of this comic. Last year I spend $1,724 more that I received on Exiern and associated comics. This year I have already spend 2,000 more than income.

Where does all the money go? To the artists. By contract artist gets the lion-share of the profits any extra is reinvested in commissions of wallpapers and such. I hold no allusions that I am some sort of literary genius. That I am infused a divine gift and my every excretions is a work of pure artistic brilliance. I am a hack and this is a hobby. I write little stories that amuse me and then try to find and artist with some talent to bring them to life. The artists deserve all the credit and money and I try my best to give them both. It’s my job to try insure that the artist gets a fair wage for their work. That means bringing in the most profit for them. No me.

As for the members area. No, it is really not worth the price of membership. But it is not about the members area it is about supporting the comic. The members area is a little reward for paying the artist for his brilliant work. I go into the origins of the members area on my blog:

And honestly when it comes to making money there is much more I should be doing. I should be selling t-shirts and other crap for one. But honestly I am breaking evenish now. I would rather spend my time in writing classes and such ( is awesome by the way) in a desperate attempt to improve my skills than coming up with dumb memes to put on a shirt.

Well that’s my piece.

Sorry about your dog…

…or bike…

… or grandmother…

…or what whatever it is I set on fire to annoy you so.


PS: In hindsight burning down the Cherished Item, Puppy and Grandmother Emporium had brought me all sorts of trouble. I probably should have thought about that ahead of time.

Incidentally, since sarcasm is difficult to portray on the net, Drowemo’s e-mail was plainly tongue in cheek. He really set fire to my grandma while she was riding a bike while walking the dog.

I may review Exiern one day just for the sake of being a completionist (I have part of the review stored up on site and it was originally slated as Webcomic Overlook #40). But if I were really keen on completing old reviews, you’d have seen my takes on Sore Thumbs, Chugworth Academy, and Sluggy Freelance already.



About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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