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The Webcomic Overlook is suffering from Bleedmania! First I did a review on what will possibly go down as Bleedman’s (a.k.a. Vinson Ngo) most award winning work, Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. Now, I’ve decided to tackle his most recent comic at the ComixTalk site. I guess you can blame Christopher for stoking my interests. Is El Santo on the verge of a mental breakdown after reading through the archives of, not one, but two Bleedman originals? Only time will tell. Anyway, take a gander at my review for Sugar Bits!

Read my review of Vinson Ngo’s Sugar Bits on ComixTalk.


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. “I guess you can blame Christopher for stoking my interests.”

    I’m so sorry. Just stay away from the Billy and Mandy one. You seem like such a happy guy; I don’t want to be the one to take that away from you.

  2. Well now, that sounds like some sorta challenge, pardner!

  3. Yeah, I know that that kind of hyperbole only makes people curious. Honestly, I am curious about how you’d react to it, because it really has to inform your opinions of the rest of Mr. Ngo’s work, but at the same time, it may well be the worst comic I have ever read.

    And my current hobby is collecting black and white 80s comics like [i]Reagan’s Raiders[/i], the comic where President Reagan and his cabinet take the super-soldier serum to fight Middle Eastern terrorists.

    Grim Tales From Down Below really isn’t bad in a fun way. I mean, the Powerpuff Girls Doushinji is awful, but the nostalgic concept of having all the good cartoons fight all the bad ones is kind of neat, and reciting all of Dexter’s super-dramatic monologues in his trademark accent is fun. It moves along at a semi-brisk pace and it’s over quickly.

    Grim Tales though… man. To answer an earlier question, yes, Mandy grew up, married Grim, and somehow had kids with him. And that is not NEARLY the most disturbing thing that happens in Grim Tales. And the thing is, unlike the PPG doushinji, Grim Tales is INCREDIBLY BORING. It’s much closer to Sugarbits in that respect.

    It raises the question, “How can something be this offensive and still be so boring?”

    Personally, I still find Grim Tales to be more in the realm of funny-bad then please-pour-bleach-in-my-eyes-so-I-can-unsee-this-bad, but that’s mainly because I spent a lot of time at Portal of Evil and SomethingAwful back in High School, and any sense of propriety I once had has been mostly destroyed. I am very much the exception.

    If you do read it, don’t blame me. I warned you.

  4. So it’s all eye candy in the end. But isn’t that what fan comics are all about?

    If you don’t like it that way but wanna take your chances with it anyway, then take it in small doses, man. Take it in small doses.

  5. Hi there, I read Sugar bits, not boring ant first and sometimes funny. Review is also funny but in another way, it ‘s remind me a very smart person who accidentally was making living running a club where high school kids were able to publish their stories, poetry illustrations and comics. The main idea was to teach how to use software and how to organize and communicate in teams making a magazine and newspapers, but that poor guy was expecting something GREAT from us, so his critique and de-briefings were like a Sugar bits review. And he was enjoying his speech about how we all suck. 8)) . Anyway – now I’m downloading all Bleedman’s pages and artwork from Grim , Sugar , and Puffs. Why? for reference. I like his artwork, colors, camera positions, and layout. My opinion they are not boring they are MANGA – which has its rules and limitations. When working in animation studio we were watching all sorts of cartoons, learning new and old techniques, character design, and styles. ANIME was criticized by frame and emotion limitation comparing to 30 fps framework, but all boys in studio like ANIME style for dynamic, simplicity, sexuality in characters, and unusual for Disney or Soyus-Multfilm view angles. (Sorry for long story) .
    Now back to Bleedman. In my opinion the story in Sugar Bits transforms as author decided storyline on the pencil, or I would say making it in the process. It started as RPG setting, but has no conflict, tension or drama, and then he was thinking what’s next. That’s why it turned to same sort of opposite worlds endless fighting rescue quest. In latest additions he inserted some Evil-FairyTales-Alice-McGee-sort’a characters and if I’m not mistaken they are from another comic posted on Snafu portal. That means his story hit dead end and he heeds to add more developed character to run it to next chapter. I think Bleedman is very talented artist who had to develop plot and characters to completion before drawing them, or team up with good author. Final word: this comic is a good sample of how-to-draw and how-not-to-draw MANGA. You can show strong and good example such us (dynamic lines or character details, emotions, and colors) and bad examples – such us un-developed characters stories, confusing plot, clichés and stereotypes. And all that in one comic. – Priceless art school teacher’s material.

    • I wouldn’t call this place an art school, per se. A more accurate description would be “some bored guy who needs something to type about on the internet.” I have no art school credentials whatsoever.

      • I did’n say this place is an art school I said that Sugarbits can be used in artschool to show future cartoonists and mangaku what is good and what is bad using this comix as an example. It is my persomal oppinion. Sorry if my post didn’t make it clear.

  6. Personally, I love Sugar Bits.It’s funny, cute, and best of all, he actually made it.The only things that really irked me where these:Using his Everafter charecters in it, Gene’s horns magically changing from red to black, and the princess’ emo-ish attitude.

    My opinion?I think alot of other people would like it if they tried it. ;D

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