Comic Fencing Review of Gunnerkrigg Court and auf weidersehen

The Comic Fencing guys take a look a Gunnerkrigg Court! Wait… why does that sound familiar? oh, right… I reviewed it on this site some months ago. Still, I reveled in the chance to take a look at it again. Opinions were split… two negatives, two positives. And I think I went off the deep end professing my undying love for it.

I guess there are just some things that people won’t agree on. The Transformers movie, for example. There’s one camp that declares it the worst movie on earth with terrible acting, liberties taken with the source material, and confusing action, there’s another camp that loves the shout-out to the old show and the cool CGI. Neither side will ever get the other to come to an understanding, and sometimes that’s where you’ll have to let the discussion stand. (For my part, I loved Transformers. Suck lemons, haters!)

Anyway, check it out.

Read my review of Gunnerkrigg Court on Comic Fencing.

As a side note, this is also going to be my last Comic Fencing review … for now, anyway. Real life has a way of taking priority over writing a bunch of comic reviews. And frankly, nothing in life takes more priority than getting married. I’m getting hitched in a short while now, so that means plenty of things to do. Reservations! Decorations! Photos! So while I could handle the once-a-week pace before, I can’t now.

And really, it’s a pity. I had a blast writing these last two, Kukuburi and Gunnerkrigg Court. I think Ebert once said that good reviews are more fun to read, bad reviews are more fun to write. I think it’s the reverse for me.

Plus, I think that the Comic Fencing crew was really starting to gel. I always imagined a group like this would end up doing an honest back-and-forth discussion like Siskel & Ebert or, as of late, the AV Club movie reviews. We were starting to get there in the comments. Hopefully, you’ve been reading those, too, not being intimidated that the writers were hogging up all the space. 🙂

So there I go, back to the rugged lands of the Shaolin. As for this site, I’ll still be writing reviews as much as possible. I plan on writing an entry for Dumm Comics next week. At some point, I’m planning on writing up a review of Sluggy Freelance (only at 2001 in the archives *sigh*). ComixTalk is probably going to be a pass for this month, though I do have an entry planned for September.


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I completely sympathize if you need to take some time away from comic reviews.

  2. Heh. Thanks! Again, I’m not completely quitting … just significantly decreasing my responsibilities. 🙂

  3. Heartfelt congratulations. Every girl deserves a literate husband.

    The other reason I chimed in was simply to remark how surprised I was to learn recently that Gunnerkrigg Court started on Drunk Duck.

  4. Congrats and well done! Perhaps at some point you’ll be more settled and be able to do more. We’ll wait for you until then. Best to you and your wife to be!

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