Crabcake Confidential: Nerf Now!!

Ah, Japan. It’s the only country in the world that can turn anything into a teenage girl. Most people would find no inspiration beyond pure academic purposed in, say, the Nazi Luftwaffe. But you know some intrepid Japanese anime out that is saying to himself, “Yes, I CAN see dewy eyes and perky, barely covered lady lumps in that Messerschmitt Bf109.” Or, “God, I seriously don’t care how much we piss off China! I simply must make girls out of their air force!”

Judging from his name, I assume that Josué Pereira is not from The Land of the Rising Sun. Yet his webcomic, Nerf Now!!, is undoubtedly a love letter to Japan’s glorification of the adolescent woman.

Thus far, Nerf Now!! contains two distinct story arcs. Both deal with video games. The first rectifies an unfortunate oversight in Team Fortress 2: where the women at? Pereira tranforms the TF2 dynamic from testosterone-fueled macho posturing to testosterone-fueled macho posturing where you have to save the girl. When the art is distinct and inspired by J. C. Leyendecker, you don’t have to do much to modify the designs of the existing characters. The fun is trying to see which design elements work when you turn a couple of them into girls. This is, for some reason a popular past time on the internet. Pereira is hardly the only person wondering what TF2 characters would look like if they were softer and squishier.

Pereira is far more original with his second story. For the life of me, I don’t think anyone else has ever attempted to turns Zergs into teenage girls. Well, OK, I’m sure there’s some novel depictions of Kerrigan out there. Can any of them top the depiction of the Zerg Overlord as a four-eyed teenage girl with a balloon tied to her back?

When you think about it, Japan’s obsession isn’t so bizarre in the context of … OH GOD NOW I CAN’T GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD AAAGGGHHHH


Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down….


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  1. I like this review, but dislike this guy’s art style. It’s so boring.

  2. Japan has an anime called Strike Witches in which loli plane girls (based off of the planes and pilots of WW2) fight aliens. And i have heard of at leas tone instance of home appliances being teenage girls.

    So a webcomic about the (annoyingly) all male cast of TF2 with females added is rather mild in comparison.

    Never gonna run around and desert you.

  3. You didn’t mention what is possibly the niftiest thing about the comic – the “photo notes” comment system where you can highlight and comment on specific bits of the comic. (Since this might be a tad distracting, this is only visible on the comics screen).

    Nifty technology and such a natural fit to webcomics.

  4. Zebra Von Claw

    well… TF2 already has a playable character who is female… maybe.
    It’s speculated that the pyro is the female member of the team. Valve is aware of the whole thing and is playing along. There are a few things i heard about from one person, apparently on on of the maps in the starting room with the health cabinet and a few unusable lockers there is one that looks like the pyro is using it w/ some pyro gear in it and what appears to be a purse… recently valve added a “hat” for the pyro that is just a tiny mustache and goatee. This of course is over the pyro mask, cause valve likes messin w/ people.

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