Multiplex Review at Comic Fencing … and MORE!

My latest review is at Comic Fencing. This time, it’s about Multiplex, and I give you fair warning… I didn’t like it. At all. But, I’ll be frank with you, it could have been worse.

Read my review of Multiplex at Comic Fencing!

So does this mean Furry Week is over?


I originally had one more feature slated for Furry Week. I had played around with reviewing The Dreamland Chronicles or S.S.D.D., but those were too damn long. Thus I turned to a shorted title. However, it turned out to be so atrocious that, halfway through reading it, I realized that I couldn’t go any further.

Anthropomorphic people aside, it had a very interesting premise: two buddies start up an agency where they arrange suicides for clients. There was so much potential here for dark comedy in the Heathers sense. The first few stories involved moral dilemmas over taking such a job. But then it devolved into masturbatory fantasies over killing people that the author found annoying in the most gruesome ways possible. The rationale? That some people were so irredeemable that we were doing society a favor by taking them out of the gene pool. The clients, who must request for an assisted suicide before the duo can act, aren’t usually vile people, just very, very annoying. We know because the writer discusses at length in walls of text about why these people are pathetic and why they should die. Then they are gutted, decapitated, thrown off roofs, etc. And just to make the protagonists extra sympathetic, the clients always change their mind at the last second.

Wow, it’s like looking through the eyes of a SERIAL KILLER.

Reading an interview with the writer only lowered my opinion of him further. Apparently, the clients are based on real life customers he’s had to deal with. I know the service sector isn’t the best place in the world to keep your temper, but C’MON. He goes on to mention how one of his protagonists is held back because he feels he represents “that logical voice that says the duo must act in accordance with societal norms.” What, that “societal norm” of NOT killing people?!?!?!

So congratulations, furries. I hope you’re all happy, because you’ve officially broken my brain. We could have been friends, you and I, but for now and forever more we must be enemies. This nameless webcomic joins my growing list of titles that I will never review or mention by name because I find them so abhorrent that I don’t want to be responsible for giving them extra traffic.

For webcomics you should read: I was seriously caught off guard by the conclusion of the Skull Storyline in PvP. Yowza.

I won’t be around next week. I mean, it’s Fourth of July week! Time to go on vacation! That doesn’t mean there won’t be any features, though. They’re already here: just on a time-lapsed schedule. Oh, the magic of WordPress! They’re rather small features, though, and are hardly worth checking this site for.

Of course, if you know what’s good for you, you’d be on vacation, too. Get thee to the beach!


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. … I know which comic you’re talking about.

    The sad thing is that you chose to review “Better Days”, but THIS was the one that broke your brain?

    • Yes. When I read “Better Days,” I just sorta chuckled at the wrongheadedness of Jay Naylor.

      When I read this comic, I sorta swore to myself to make sure never to meet the writer in real life. I’m not saying he’d kill me. I’m saying he’d write me into a gruesome death for, say, leaving the ringer on my cellphone on.

      That’s the difference.

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