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Kidnapped by Gnomes review on Comic Fencing and more

This time around, the other Fencers and I take on Kathy Peterson’s Kidnapped by Gnomes, a webcomic about two “gnomes” who are way into politics.

Read my review for Kidnapped by Gnomes

Apologies for the lack of on-site updates this week. To make it up to you, next week is going to be extra special. Yes, I’m going to do a theme that absolutely nobody was clamoring for. So don your smelly bear suit and reserve your tickets for AnthroCon because next week is going to be Furry Week! Among the webcomics I’m going to review:

  • Jay Naylor’s controversial slice-of-life comic, Better Days
  • Philip Jackson’s comedy comic about a graphic designer, a geeky penguin, and a sexy cat: Sequential Art
  • And, if you’re really nice, the furry fantasy epic Purgatory Tower

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and more than likely we’ll have our souls eternally damned. But, hey, good times.

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