One Punch Reviews #13: Castle Vidcons

I’ve recently just gotten a Wii. It will pretty much will be controlling all of my free time. It’s more or less the most well rounded system I’ve ever gotten: bright colors, a magical waving stick, and access to retro games that remind me that, yes, I was never able to get past World 2 in Super Mario Brothers 3 without cheating. Is there any doubt that it’s the King of Consoles? Tyler Rhodes certainly thinks so; the Wii is cast as a powerful, dominant monarch in his webcomic, Castle Vidcons.

Castle Vidcons
If this comic were made in Japan, I have no doubt in my mind that anthropomorphic consoles would be represented by underage girls with impossibly dewy eyes. Here in the West, though, such depictions would be downright creepy and probably illegal. So instead, we’ve got characters who have human bodies and consoles, handhelds, controllers, and CDs for heads. Much less creepier. Born from the forums of, Castle Vidcons envisions a world where the console wars are taken literally, and Kings Wii, PS3, and XBox360 do battle in a fantasy/medieval setting. (PCs make an appearance, too, though they seem rather above such petty squabbles.) There’s the slightest hint of a plot, most notably one where young PS3 is held captive at the Wii castle. Castle Vidcons, though, is primarily a gag strip. The art, drawn to resemble ancient vellum, feels avant garde, which, for a moment, makes you forget that this is yet another gaming webcomic. That is until Rhodes throws in references to classic games, like Duck Hunt. There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s just that every gaming webcomic and his brother has done a Duck Hunt or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out joke.

The comic is at its best when it more or less ignores the software and only vaugely alludes to hardware issues, like when slow CD-headed allies march to battle or hapless lotharios seduces the King’s daughter. Times when you feel like you’re reading vignettes from a novel set in feudal times. Still, even that can get old. I give credit to Rhodes for conveying emotion primarily through body language. However, the weakness here is that the “faces” are staid and robotic, which makes it difficult to feel attachment to any of the characters. The side you’re rooting for, I suppose, depends greatly on whether or not you already had a personal preferencde in the console wars. Still, Castle Vidcons is unique, and as it evolves and becomes more refined, I think it has a fairly good chance in following the footsteps of a fellow SA alum, Dr. McNinja.

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)


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  1. 1. you suck

    2. King Wii’s face light up.

    screw you Penny Arcade sycophants who downgrade this webcomic. This webcomic which i believe is the sole reason for which the internets were created.

    in closing, take your faceial expressions faeces to fyad.

  2. snegoviksukablyat

    im new on this forum….

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