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The AV Club reviews “Penny Arcade Adventures”

I love the AV Club game reviews, as they tend to tackle esoteric games that most places just gloss over (if they recognize them at all). For example, the site once reviewed free browser-based games “Urban Dead” and “ForumWarz.” Today, they sink their teeth into the game based on the webcomic about videogames: “Penny Arcade Adventures.” (In order to continue this loop, we need a webcomic about the videogame about the webcomic about videogames.)

The AV Club review of “Penny Arcade Adventures”

Overall, reviewer Russ Fischer gives the game a C+: “A streamlined but only fitfully entertaining role-playing game that requires deeper gameplay and story to justify doubling the standard XBLA price.”

Also, there’s a slight indictment about the state of webcomics in general: “…players outside PA’s fan base might question whether hip-thrusting, urinating robots are funny enough to be worth frequent backtracking through four gameplay areas.”

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