One Punch Reviews #6: Truck Bearing Kibble

Today, One Punch Reviews — the premiere blog article for short, punchy reviews — takes a look at the pop culture gag comic from Jeremy Kramer and Eric Vaughn, Truck Bearing Kibble.

Truck Bearing Kibble
Truck Bearing Kibble is a fairly recent comic, and it’s been compared many times to the highly acclaimed Perry Bible Fellowship. Frankly, I don’t think that’s a very fair comparison. PBF’s Gurewitch made his mark with a dark sense of humor, yet deploying it with such subtlety that you were shocked when you realized he got away with murder. TBK has a dark sense of humor, all right, but none of the subtlety. It doesn’t so much as go for the jugular as it tells you, while smirking to stop from laughing at its own joke, “Hey, kid, I’m going for the jugular and it’s going to be HILARIOUS!” Thus, TBK is much more hit and miss.

The best and funniest strips, like the one with two cowboy dinosaurs, are the ones that were genuinely surprising. Yet a lot of the jokes you could see telegraphed from a mile away. The hit-and-miss ratio tends toward the middle, firmly in the “Huh” region of the funnybone.

In fact, a better comparison would be Robot Chicken. (What is this? Two references to Adult Swim programs in one week? Time-Warner better start payin’, cuz El Santo needs some money, honey!) TBK lurches from pop culture mashup to pop culture mashup. And like Robot Chicken, humor depends on the reader nostalgically recalling the things being parodied. You can almost hear the static white noise transition as you click from strip to strip. And, hey, Truck Bearing Kibble even has the same type of nonsense series title, like they stole it from Dave Barry’s “Good Names For A Band” list. Are you taking notes, Seth Green?

What you can’t complain about, though, is the artwork. Every strip is highly attractive, from the detail to the coloring to the composition. And best of all, it gives Trucks Bearing Kibble its own unique and easily recognizable style. Frankly, I don’t care how lame the jokes get: I could stare at the illustrations all day. Does this mean that I give Trucks Bearing Kibble an overall positive review? Hey, did the Killbots destroy Roger & Hammerstein?

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)


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  1. Oh, man, “Killbots Destroy Rogers and Hammerstein!”

    I believe that’s my favorite punchline of any comic I’ve ever read.

  2. Great review, this is exactly how I felt about TBK when I first saw it.

  3. This was a lame comic. Slow updates, bad proportions, people who look ill…
    and pancake dragon. WhatTheFrak?

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