Daily Archives: December 18, 2007

Christmas means … sporadic updates

First of all, I want to give a hearty Happy Holidays to the loyal readers of the Webcomic Overlook.

I especially want to extend a special greeting to Miles Grover of Thinkin’ Lincoln, who I gave a less than flattering review about his webcomic, yet was gracious enough to post a link on his site anyway. He wrote a well-reasoned rebuttal, which I suggest you check out.

Anyway, it turns out that it’s extremely difficult to read webcomics during the latter half of December, what with all the traveling and shopping and whatnot. Fie, if only they had wireless service on American flights! And plugs for the laptop. It would be a fine way to catch up on reading some comics while flying the friendly skies. (I did, however, manage to read the entirety of Jeff Smith’s Bone series. It’s rather good, though it does get very Tolkienesque at some points. And he kinda lost me on the Locust bits.)

Thus, I might only have few — if any — updates heading up to December 25. Too many things to do. But thanks you for reading thus far! I’m in the middle of reading Nothing Better as well as a slew of requests.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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